Doubting Yourself


“Fake it till you make it.” That actually makes a lot of sense. Whatever it is that you want to achieve, think as if you have already achieved it. Envision yourself being  exactly who you want to be. When a negative thought comes to mind, replace it with thoughts of your goals being accomplished; Then work towards them. Every hour, every minute, every second, brings you closer to the moment you can say “I made it.”

Did You Laugh Today?


Today I made myself laugh. My husband gave me his Chick Fil-A breakfast order and I kept repeating it back to him wrong. He would say chicken egg and cheese bagel and I would repeat bacon biscuit no cheese, got it. After a few wrong responses he realized I was being silly. I was in my own goofy world cracking myself up and it was fun. I’m even smiling as I type this. Moral of my story is to LAUGH. Laughter lightens you, frees you, and cures pain.

Laughter is a gift. 😄😂😆😁😅🤣

– Nicole 💕

Why Her


You’re unique. There’s only one of you in this entire world. That alone makes you special. You have a gift. Even if you don’t know what that gift is, it is there, waiting to be discovered. Being great, being beautiful, and being strong all starts with believing that you are great, beautiful, and strong. Believe in yourself. You are here for a reason, so live like it.